Welcome to Yal's Town Inn

We are dedicated to the highest standards of modern hospitality is a pleasant blend of contemporary design, restrained elegant and very calm ambiance. Yal's Town Inn delivers accommodation for those who are accustomed to high standards in style and taste. The location is utterly unrivalled - the hotel looks out upon one of the busiest, most sought after neighbourhoods in Jaffna city.

With some of the most spacious rooms and sumptuous suites, the hotel offers guests the ultimate. All beautifully appointed rooms with comfortable elegant furnishings and thoughtful amenities, sets the hotel apart. While providing guests with a true sense of luxury and refinement it ensures guest comfort in every way. The place has been designed with great care and the atmosphere is friendly as can be.

All rooms have their own character to ones liking, whether being large and spacious for the family travellers or being warm and cosy for the single traveller. The bathrooms have been fitted unique marble tiling which give it just that special touch when wanting to unwind and relax. Luxury and comfort will await you in each of our bedrooms.